What is the true value of innovation in the workplace?

Organisations that listen to their employee’s feedback and who’re open to change often see greater success. Resisting market changes can hold your business back – financially, which can also lead to bankruptcy.

Let’s take Blockbuster and Kodak for example, two substantial global big-houses. With a worldwide customer base along with all their data. They failed to change with the market. Consumers were changing to digital, choosing convenience over anything. These companies failed to innovate, their biggest mistake. If only they used got an idea to listen to their customer’s needs/wants.

Failure is an option here. If things are not failing you are not innovating.

Solve problems through innovation and increase brand engagement through the implementation of collaborative ideation tools. Users can submit ideas to current challenges and watch them come to fruition. The goal is to build strong advocacy and support for your brand.

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CulturVate has developed a cloud-based platform for organisations to use and increase innovation within the workplace! Got an idea uses a unique process to enable businesses to effectively improve operations and create new products/services, to remain competitive.Got an idea allows you to capture thoughts across your company by setting challenges and taking suggestions that are peer-evaluated. The tool enables the best concepts to evolve, eliminating risk and checking for commercial viability.