Scale up your corporate innovation strategy

Got an idea helps to endorse internal innovation and corporate R&D programmes. It’s designed to give leaders and teams unique perspectives, from the ability to capture different thought processes more effectively. Got an idea facilitates conversations in real-time, collects insightful perspective, criticism and opinion. Represent your audience and develop products that they will love.

Cloud Storage

Project Management

Idea Evaluation

Performance Metrics

Got an idea, technology that disrupts your workplace creating successful outcomes.

Engage the workforce in technology which transforms your business for sustainability and growth.

The Research & Development team help direct the future of a business. It provides essential information and ideas that support strategic decision-making. Got an idea is an additional tool for R&D departments to utilise. It helps mitigate risk and produce intelligent data from users, fast. Allow got an idea to help transform rigid processes, and develop new products and services. 

Got an idea offers innovation management software to teams focused on initial idea capture and research from users who contribute to solving specific business challenges or creating new product concepts. Outsource ideas beyond R&D and test new protocols to specific stakeholder groups. 

Integrate with other office tools!

Got an idea works together with Slack and Microsoft Teams. 

So all contact between teams is in one location.

Informative Content

Allow the whole team access to discuss and view new interactions.

Mind the Gap

Uncover your business blind spots and target the right ideas to move forward.

User Analytics

External campaigns capture user demographics and locations.

Pulse Surveys

Send out pulse surveys for when users are active online to gather additional insight. 

Sentiment Analysis

Capture user sentiment when exploring new products and services to offer within your business.

Keyword Research

Research & Download your Brand’s Most Valuable Keywords.

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Advance your research potential via our additional features, powered through AI.

Test new innovations and product protocols concepts amongst your R&D, Design, Procurement and Marketing teams. Got an idea allows the team to collaborate and discuss projects more productively. Encourage real-time debate by setting timely product discussions to maximise ideation and engagement. 

Higher rates of engagement
Market testing and feedback
Develop 360° insight from all stakeholders