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Run a public consultation campaign with 'Got an Idea' and amplify community participation.

Capture public opinion and commentary through participation using our clever technology to engage more citizens and promote online engagement. Collect feedback on complex issues and formulate easy to print reports. Processing new information removes key elements of risk. 

Project Management
Analytics and Reports

Our Public Consultation Methods

Our modern e-consultation methods have improved project planning and scope, revamped existing proposals and identified new opportunities for innovation. Extend policy planning and identify opportunities for economic development through innovation using got an idea. 

By using our public consultation methods you’ll be gaining advanced insight into community thoughts and opinions. Source opportunities that fully benefit the whole community through consulting the public and maximise reach by making it available online. Got an idea simplifies research through quantified input.  We provide effective consultation services for the public sector. 


Solicit public opinion on government policy. Our query methods gather qualitative insight from stakeholders. Full public consultation can be obtained through planned targeting online and off. Got an idea is the best method to reach new groups, obtain commentary and be used to simplify and capture different public perspectives in one easy to manage place. Document and develop analysis based on citizen response, including AI powered sentiment analysis on current/future government initiatives. 

Downloadable Reports

Easy to print visualisation driven reports. Also share reports via email.

Application Security

Our application is fully secure with the option to add two factor authentication. We run frequent audits to make sure the platform is free of vulnerabilities.

Screen Optimized

Your campaign is optimised for different devices. Making it easier for users to contribute ideas from Desktop, Tablet & Mobile.

Streamline Audience Participation.

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