Introducing, Got an Idea..

Got an idea is a ‘brainstorming’ tool that captures ideas from employees, customers, and partners. To help solve challenges facing businesses and society today. Our platform can be used internally within the organisation, amongst partners, or externally for public consultation. Users can submit ideas or contribute to others helping to find solutions or test innovations.

Got an idea promotes open innovation, your workplace can also source ideas from outside of your business. There might be smart people in your business, but why not target intelligent people outside of your business too? Got an idea provides the infrastructure to set up challenges, with additional features all depending on your innovation needs.

Internal Innovation (Closed) – this is a more controlled style of innovation.
The company creates its intellectual property in-house until the new product or service is ready to be released to the public.

External Innovation (Open) – this is less controlled, and outsiders can usually participate in product development plans and discussions. There are many benefits to developing your scale of open innovation.

"Everything begins with an idea."
Earl Nightengale

Got an idea works throughout organisations of many sizes to produce internal, external and 360° innovation. Using our ideation software helps to transform ideas into profitable revenue streams. Innovation is a critical challenge for most businesses, especially in competitive markets. Often the best source of ideas come from the people who know your business best – your stakeholders.

Got an idea captures the light bulb moment usually triggered when a passion or problem is most prevalent. Define your target market and use knowledge to generate sustainability. Develop new experiences through additional offerings. Ideation tools allow you to capture different perspectives so that you can listen to your target audience to provide unique experiences. Capture real-time data that helps management to participate in live discussions eliminating bureaucracy. Provide a unique experience for stakeholders.