Innovation management can have a powerful impact on your organisation from delighting customers to improving corporate culture to increasing revenues. 

Ideation software is necessary for continuous improvement as well as for innovation management. The ideation process in many organisations becomes time-intensive and costly. Siloed and too often lost across multiple channels; from email, customer surveys, spreadsheets and whiteboards. When ideas become lost, your business suffers as a result. Change doesn’t often happen when needed, and customers look for new experiences elsewhere. Ideation software helps forward-thinking organisations uncover new and improved opportunities in one easy to manage solution. 

More importantly, ideation software enables companies to reach all stakeholder groups to crowdsource and identify solutions in real-time. Ideation software is for internal or external use. The goal is to streamline sustainability and growth through its users. Ideation software complements your corporate innovation strategy enhanced through team collaboration and engagement. Ideation products are valuable tools with intelligent features that allow you to host multiple campaigns on the cloud. Become intuitive through easily trusted reports and analytics. Design the right programme for you.   

Remember, there are no bad ideas. Share campaigns with your managers and partners and work with different office-based locations to scale insight, business intelligence and identify trends. Capture rich data and transform practices. Ask questions in the comments section of the product with real-time interaction. Download automated reports that analyses your industry.


Capture > Prioritise > Develop > Analyse 

  • Collect user insight from all stakeholders to enable innovation and vote on the best ideas
  • Ideation software makes it easier to manage brainstorming activities to identify the best ideas from your teams to move forward
  • Take ideas through the evolution stage and check for commercial viability
  • Quickly analyse results to allow you to learn and achieve significant results in the future.


Many companies struggle with ideation, how to select and develop particular ideas. Ideation software helps to reduce risk by creating multiple ownership while building your portfolio. All you have to do is create challenges which are accessible online for your community. Great ideas no longer lie dormant. The right ideas naturally rise to the top ready for the next process to quickly evaluate. Admins can assign individuals to this task.

 Use ideation software collectively around the whole business or within relevant departments. R&D can use ideation tools for collaborative work on upcoming projects. Marketing can use ideation to reach new and existing markets and to gather insight for future campaigns. Enterprises can also run focus groups and gather market research. IT can utilise ideation to capture ideas around new technology. You can even integrate with Slack to attract thousands of concepts for planning and support from your teams. 

 Uncovering new opportunity is crucial for success. When you provide better experiences for employees and clients, you attract top talent and reduce employee churn. Customers become loyal. Business perception is more positive, which adds value. 

Ideation software provides you with the tool to see different perspectives of the business. Most corporate innovation structures start from the top down. Smart organisations recognise that discussing problems on all levels helps to reveal solutions faster. Ideation needs to take place outside of the boardroom to gain invaluable feedback from wider audiences.  

The primary purpose of ideation software is to help organisations manage, refine and implement new ideas successfully. To leverage their communities and provide them with a tool where they can collaborate on projects by engaging their interests and offering incentives. Some companies have a dedicated station where employees can take a break to submit an idea. Ideation software connects employees to decision-makers and captures critical information across all divisions. Source rapid insight and produce multiple ideas frequently and efficiently. 

Your goal is to produce a culture around ideation. You want people to express ideas frequently. The more ideas moving through to the development stage, the more successful your ideation process is. An ideation platform will move the company forward to help support the needs of your stakeholders and improve company performance at a fraction of the cost. Set up your ideation software challenge today and capture responses in minutes.