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Got an Idea’s white labelled dashboard for Newport Economic Network’s most successful consultation project to date.


A highly engaging consultation tool that inspires audiences to participate. Redefining traditional methods.

For years now, many organisations have been struggling to find a fully functional, fast-acting, mobile responsive consultation tool with all the advanced features to capture opinion and debate. 

Project Name: Newport, Got an Idea?

Client: Newport Economic Network

Project Commencement Date: August 19, 2019

Project Completion Date: September 19, 2019

Project URL:

The Challenge

For years now, the M4 Relief Road has been a big topic of discussion for frustrated M4 road users. Especially throughout South East Wales. The core problem lies between J23-J30 in both directions to the Bryn Glas Tunnels. Now with the recent decision to scrap years of plans for the alternative route around Newport, the NEN was looking to amp up and create alternative ideas to speed things along. In the interest of economic development for the region. The NEN was looking for a tool to capture public opinion around alternative ideas to the M4 Relief Road, as well as the right team to run the campaign.

Our Strategies

To provide Newport Economic Network with the tool to capture alternative ideas. The #M4ReliefRoad is a passionate topic for road users, and by tapping into daily frustrations, we were able to build a plan to target commuters and the wider public who’re affected almost daily by M4 delays. With a modern approach, we were able to focus and streamline idea capture, FAST.  



Social sharing to boost campaign reach

Newport, Got an Idea? M4 Relief Road

Our Testimonials

The Bryn Glass Tunnels are hosting 5x the amount of vehicles it was previously designed to take. Congestion is down to the capacity of vehicles passing through. Inrix said the longest distance traffic jam at the tunnels in the last year was over 14 miles on the eastbound stretch in October where tailbacks reached Magor in Monmouthshire. 2018. For years, Welsh Government have been planning to eradicate the problem. This decision has set Wales back 20 years. 


“Perhaps the most controversial infrastructure judgment taken in the last decade is the decision not to build the M4 relief road to alleviate congestion around Newport”.

Simon Gibson

Chairman of the Newport Economic Network


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