How is Wales preparing to get back to work, safely, post lockdown?

The next COVID-19 challenge for Welsh policymakers is to restore both lives and subsistence. Non-essential businesses in Wales will soon transition from the lockdown phase of the pandemic. To the recovery stage.

Getting back to normality is going to take time, not only in our personal lives but work-life too. As you slowly transition, we’re interested in learning about the scenario planning you’re conducting to prepare and whether your company is ready to initiate its lockdown exit strategy?

As the pandemic is at different stages around the globe, disrupted supply chains will take a while to bounce back. This new normality will take patience and contingency planning. What problems are you projecting and what help will you need from the government along the way?

As other countries start to loosen their own lockdown rules, we can begin to observe and see what measures they’re taking to recover. As the virus lurks, the threat is imminent at all times until a cure develops. Staff safety and financial stability are essential to keeping your business going. More and more companies have adapted significantly to remote working and utilising technology in doing so. Does this make sense for your business to sustain a WFH policy? We have to adjust to normalcy slowly and take the right steps in doing so. Companies are planning safety scenarios; the sale of digital thermometers has shot up. You can now test your employee’s temperatures upon entry to work, with non-contact thermometers.

Businesses around the world are in challenging terrain, where the road to recovery is not straightforward. The UK government have introduced grants, loans and furloughing during the lockdown, but what help will you need beyond? How confident are you that your organisation will get back to normal three months after UK lockdown ends?

We’re capturing the challenges that lie ahead for businesses in Wales, post-lockdown. We’ve set up a website to obtain thoughts and sentiment towards your post-lockdown plans.

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