Got An Idea is an easy to use platform that gathers ideas from a business or community and gives them a space to be explored and developed.

We identified a few years ago that innovation within a business or community was created by a select few and then discussed within a small team. Without harnessing multiple voices, from all backgrounds, job roles and perspectives, the most valuable opinions were being ignored or not even heard. Got An Idea liberates this process and captures everyone’s view and opinion. These opinions then mature and grow in many cases into fully-fledged deliverable ideas. The idea becomes the solution. And as we say, often the most simple and best answer comes from where you least expect it…

Got An Idea captures quickly the light bulb moment usually triggered when a passion or a problem is most prevalent.

We strongly believe there is no such thing as a bad idea, and this platform encourages ideas from everyone in response to a single challenge or problem.

Got an idea, brought to you by CulturVate Ltd

CulturVate is a corporate engagement company specialising in the development of corporate culture as well as supporting organisations in the conduct of innovation. CulturVate supplies companies with the right tools to boost innovation, culture and performance. 

Build innovative workplace culture

Streamline idea capture

Gather additional insight from all stakeholders

Identify gaps in the market 

Experts in growing your companies innovation strategy!

Flawless incorporation

This platform is easy to implement into your organisation. We also integrate with your Office 365 and Slack channels. 

Seamless management

Once a challenge has been posted the platform works to store ideas and reports in an organised way. Saving you time and effort.

Business growth

Create profitable opportunities for you business through harnessing the views of the public. 

Market leaders

Utilising all departments to idea capture can benefit your business in rewarding ways.

Commonly Asked Questions

If you have any more questions please feel free to reach us through our contact page. 

Almost instantly, if you would like to start collecting ideas right away give us a call and we can turn a campaign around within the hour.

One of our latest features include white labelling. Add corporate branding at a small cost and turn our platform into one that looks like your very own.

Yes, you can run multiple campaigns depending on which package you purchased. You can upgrade your package within the platform or contact us and we’ll set this up for you.