Got an Idea the E-Consultation platform that Captures Public Opinion fast!

Capture ideas from the community and discover additional insight through our online public consultation methods. Consult with a wider audience through modern techniques. 

Keyword Research

Identify qualitative insight from users to capture a deeper understanding of consumer wants/needs.

Ideas to Innovation

Capture community ideas and discover new insight through our fast and secure public consultation methods.

Data Analysis

Build data to help introduce new concepts. Stakeholder data is important to optimise government policy.


Capture a broad idea base for your consultations at the convenience of your end-user.

Consult with wider audiences through our modern-day tool kit. Target citizens at their convenience. Our public participation methods eliminate the need to travel to and from public held meetings.

Create more effective consultations with added convenience through Got an Idea. Maximise stakeholder engagement by reaching users online and off. Traditional consultations ask the user to physically visit a venue to participate on a limited date/time. Got an Idea removes the limitation to source public opinion offline only, simplifying the process and reaching an additional audience. 


4 steps to build a successful e-consultation campaign

Got an idea can be used in different ways depending on your industry and goals. Capture ideas from all stakeholders to improve current and future offerings. 




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Got an Idea
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Public Consultation platform


What will you get with Got an Idea

There are different features available through Got an Idea. The core offering is idea capture. Gather incredible insight fast! Additional features are available as well as the option to customise and white-label your tool-kit to meet your own brand guidelines. 

Idea development

Capture ideas from all stakeholders, the best ideas are upvoted ready to action.

Pulse surveys

Survey blast active website visitors to gain additional responses in real-time or simply set a timer for when visitors are active.

Sentiment analysis

Identify the feeling and attitudes towards upcoming projects with through ai powered sentiment analysis.


Use our customisation options to compliment your campaign. Comply with company branding and guidelines.


Let’s get started, we'll serve you the number 1 solution for e-consultations!

Get started today, we’ll even set up a complimentary 3 week campaign for your organisation.

Fast Response Rate

Once a challenge is submitted and the campaign is launched you'll be able to see responses coming through - fast.

Campaign Management

If you're pushed for time we have a dedicated team available to implement and manage your campaigns.

Boost Sales

Produce sustainable business processes by capturing suggestions for improvement.

Additional Insight

All stakeholders within the organisation hold different perspectives on your business.

Data Analysis

Transform your business through the analysis of data collected from campaigns. Support the decision making process with collected evidence.

24/7 Support

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Drive innovation through idea capture and collaboration.

Allow different users, employees, customers or partners to contribute and solve business focused challenges. Increase brand loyalty and allow them to take part in the future success of your business.


With over 150 ideas posted, 1000’s of website hits and over 20,000 page views, Newport Got an Idea certainly produced positive results of behalf of the NEN. View the Case Study here.